LIVE '97

Die Live 97 wurde in einem goldenen Blechcover / Blechbox veröffentlicht. Soviel ich weiss gibt es 3000 Exemplare (nicht nummeriert). Mein Lieblingsexemplar meiner Sammlung, da die Live Songs teilweise um einiges geiler sind als die Originale. Es kann passieren dass die CD zerbricht wenn man sie aus dem Case heraushohlt, da die Halterung ca ein Zehntel mm. zu gross ist. Deshalb die CD nur einmal heraushohlen und woanders reinmachen!



Blechcover vorne   Blechcover hinten  


Alles Livetracks

Fire & Ice
The Hint
God wrote
2069 A.D.
Human Crossing
Corps d' amour
En Garde!
The Island

Hidden Track:
Der letze Teil von "Green World" (ca. 3 Minuten lang). Danach ca 15 Sekunden nichts. Es folgt "Why" aus dem KNKA Tape.


Der Text von "Why" ist wirklich sehr schwer herauszuhöhren. Deshalb gibt es hier den Text (nicht vollständig) zu sehen:

(Peter erzählt eine Geschichte)

One day there was this question: "Where is the sense of all?" They built a brain. Where is the sense they asked. Where is the sense of all, of the sun which shines upon us, of the murderous urge for expansion, of the weak which (...?...) by the mighty and of the love which (...?...) to all? 100,000 spirits passed by. The computer (...?...). They placed it in hyperspace. They improved it so that it became 1,000,000 times more intelligent, the answer (...?...). 700,000 years passed by. The human race had spread out throughout the entire galaxy. Again they asked it to give them the answer. But the disappointment grew as it asked for more intelligence to find the answer. They humbled its wish as he was wise. They constructed it a new only out of atoms and molecules. It existed in the 7th dimension. They hoped for the answer because the frustration about their senseless life grew bigger. 1,000,000 years later, when only 10,000 humans were left seperated from their bodies only wandering through the universe in spi rit. The evolution had brought them to the verge of extinction. They asked it without hope if it could tell the last survivors the sense of living on. The computer yet demanded a bit more time. The humans lost the will to live and commited suicide. Yet out of the 7th dimension he observed everything and mused and mused. The universe was near its end. Throughout billions of years it slowly grew darker. As at last the last sun burst apart and everything was dark, cold and dead. The computer was near by turning himself off when out of the last corner of his intergalactical brain the solution and answer to all arose. And the computer said: "There shall be light." And there was light!